By registering to Ingram Micro’s Horizon, you opt in and agree to receive email communications from Horizon. Please note that the Horizon database with your email address and other contact details is located in the EU and separate from Ingram Micro’s databases, but subject to Ingram Micro’s general privacy statement. If you wish to manage your preferences with Ingram Micro please do so at If you wish to opt out from receiving emails from Horizon or be removed from the Horizon database, please email us here.


Your personal data will be collected as contact details of the business you represent and not in any private manner, and will be used for the purpose of Horizon. Ingram Micro Horizon will use your contact details to operate its business and provide your business with product and service offerings, and to improve such offerings and personalize your experiences. We will use the data to communicate with you, for example, informing you about HPE and provide HPE product information, and may share the contact details including your personal data with HPE for the purpose of marketing and product offerings to your business. If we would use a third party agency to manage or assist with marketing campaigns, promotions or even Horizon. your contact details may be transferred to such third party, subject to that party’s protection of the data in compliance with applicable data protection laws.